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    Orchid Cactus Sales & C.C.J Maintenance

    About this Site

    How to order

    To order go to the Orchid Cactus List page and find out what flowers have cuttings available.  And if I am off on updating the website I can check  to see if there are any cuttings left.  

    I do hope you can find everything you are looking for. Kitt's Eppies  & C.C.J.Maintenance focus on good quality service and customer satisfaction. With a variety of things to choose from Orchid cactus  (Epiphyllums)  Sales, Mowing lawns when you are away, bi weekly or  monthly,  Interior painting.  Cleaning property after you move, plus  more.

    Look around the website and if you have any questions or comments  please feel free to contact me.  Check back for new updates when flower pictures come available. The pictures are so you know what the flower will  look like on your cutting when it grows to a plant and blooms. Epiphyllum aka Orchid cactus care  instructions come with order if you wish.  

    Orchid Cactus sales across Canada

    Lawn Mowing in Comox Valley

                                                      Flower sizes are
                                  XS   = extra small                 2 inches or smaller
                                   S    = small                            2 - 5  inches
                                   M   = Medium                      5 - 7   inches
                                   L    = Large                            7 - 9  inches
                                  XL   = Extra Large                 9 inches and up

     All slips are $8  each 

     Shipping & Handling is $20.00  

    Per envelope which holds up to 15 slips to anywhere in Canada. 

    The  most fragrant are the anguliger crenate and, chrysocardium,

      selenicereus close relative has some very fragrant species 

    but they get  much bigger than Oxypetalum flowers.

    Contact Information

     For information, questions or orders contact me below.

    Cheryl  at 250 - 334 -0886     12 pm -  8 pm     7 days a week 

    or email me @   kitt5607@shaw.ca and put the word 'Eppies' in subject line.

    About this site

    This page is to give you the look of the flowers.  If you can not read the name click on the image to get a larger picture, but to order go to the list page and find out what Plants have cuttings  available for sale.